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Greenhouse Glass

Greenhouse, or horticultural glass is the traditional material used for the windows and panels of a greenhouse. Standard raw materials of soda ash, sand, dolomite, iron oxide, limestone and salt cake undergo a manufacturing process known as the Float or Pilkington Process.

Greenhouse glass specifically is manufactured to a standard thickness of 3 mm. While the optical quality of the glass is of less importance, it importantly allows up to 90 % of ultraviolet light to pass through. In addition, when fitted correctly horticultural glass panes are weather tight, which provides and ensures a safe environment for plants kept inside the structure.

The glass itself will effectively retain heat and humidity: on a typical British summer day, the inside of a fully functioning greenhouse can reach temperatures of around 40 C. These properties all help to create the ideal and optimum growing conditions for plant life to proliferate.

Greenhouse glass is designed to create the best internal environment for efficiently growing plants and vegetables.